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Established in 2015 by a team of former IBM strategy, technology, and management consultants, the African Process & Performance Institute (APPI) stands as a leading United States 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation dedicated to advancing operational leadership and process management excellence throughout the African continent. Our operational base is in Nairobi Kenya in strategic partnership with United States International University (USIU-Africa).

At APPI, we are passionate about boosting Africa’s global competitiveness through operational leadership and process management excellence.

We achieve our mission by empowering organizations, businesses, governments, SMEs, and entrepreneurs across the continent to “Fix the Process” and drive improvements in Consistency, Responsiveness, Efficiency, Profitability, Effectiveness, and Sustainability (CREPES™).

Why APPI ?

At APPI, we recognize that Africa’s prosperity hinges on its global competitiveness. Yet, enhancing Africa’s global competitiveness relies on bolstering the competitiveness of businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, and public institutions across the continent.

However, the absence of sufficient expertise in Operational Leadership and Process Management Excellence, coupled with inadequate capacity building, means that a significant portion of budgets, investments, and funding merely sustains inefficient operational practices. These practices lead to persistently low productivity levels and hinder Africa’s global competitiveness from advancing.

Throughout our consulting work and engagements across the continent, we’ve noted that Leaders, Executives, SMEs, and Entrepreneurs often lament their limited capacity to develop operational leadership and process management skills. The high cost of hiring external consultants proves prohibitive, and any sustainability and ongoing support evaporates once these consultants depart.

Having listened to the above concerns, it’s evident that without urgent action, this vicious cycle will persist. Thus, APPI was established to tackle the three critical challenges of capacity, cost, and sustainability in fostering the essential skillsets and competencies required to enhance Africa’s global competitiveness and prosperity.

APPI’s Leadership and Consultants bring a wealth of global experience, are rigorously tested, proven, and deeply committed. Through tailored training programs, advisory services, and ongoing support, APPI strives to catalyze positive change and unlock the full potential of Africa’s businesses and institutions.

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