Our Story

We improve productivity and quality of lives thru business process optimization and CREPES–Thinking™

African Process & Performance Institute (APPI) was inspired by experiencing common challenges across 20 African countries during a complex, multinational transformation project. These challenges overwhelmingly were rooted in the lack of standardization and processes, which resulted in several operational inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

Additionally, during a client meeting, we came across an article with striking statistics that (a) African economies lose billions of dollars annually due to inefficiencies, (b) over 90% of businesses in Africa are Small-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) with limited means to hire training and assistance, and (c) an overwhelming number of African youth under 35 years of age are unemployed.

Our founders questioned how Africa could prosper without first minimizing inefficiencies to improve the productivity of SMEs, entrepreneurs, and NGOs? For the next few years we conducted workshops, interviews, and discussion forums to work with SMEs, entrepreneurs, and NGOs across in all sectors across Africa looking for answers.

Our takeaway was that the SMEs, entrepreneurs, and NGOs rely on ad hoc and inconsistent business processes which create a wide range of operational inefficiencies. Secondly, they lack the professional skill sets necessary to resolve these issues, and don't have the resources to hire expensive consultants. As a result, the executives are constantly in a firefighting mode and neck deep into non-value-add operational tasks with little or no time dedicated for strategic thinking. These businesses struggle to overcome their reactive mode. Hence, the cliché “This is Africa” has become the acceptable justification for the status quo.

Our founders were moved by the impact of these gaps and as a result in 2015, we synthesized a comprehensive solution, left our jobs, and founded APPI.

APPI is dedicated to building the capacity of entrepreneurs and SMEs to improve productivity and foster prosperity across Africa. Our goal is to set up first-of-a-kind Centers of Excellence (CoE) for Process Improvement & Performance Analytics across Africa to train and provide technical assistance to SMEs, entrepreneurs, and NGOs so that they can grow and create jobs for the youths.

Our programs and approach are uniquely developed for Africa based on our grass root experience in 20 Africa countries and have been proven to work. We partnered with The United States International University in Nairobi Kenya to setup our first Center of Excellence and have successfully completed a pilot training of executives and entrepreneurs from all sectors with demonstrated results.

APPI was established and operated by Management, Strategy, and Technology Consultants with experience from top global consulting firms. We have an unrelenting belief that we can enable African SMEs, entrepreneurs, and NGOs with a better way to define and operate their business. We look forward to your support and partnership in our endeavor to making the SMEs, entrepreneurs, and NGOs more Consistent, Responsive, Efficient, Profitable, Effective, and Sustainable (CREPES™).