We provide training workshops in business process management (BPM) , performance analytics, and CREPES–Thinking™

The APPI training workshops and certification are uniquely tailored to the Africa context and business ecosystem

Personal or professional, all activities follow a process. These activities can be characterized, depicted, and denoted in the form of a process map and a set of sequential steps. The discipline of Process Management provides individuals with the ability to see the entire set of possible steps throughout their activities as well as any gaps. The discipline of Performance Analytics provides individuals with the ability to identify inefficiencies and opportunities to optimize the way they do things. Together these disciplines facilitates CREPES™ outcome.

APPI 3 levels Of Certification Program:

APPI Certification Program 5 Competency Areas

Code Workshop Description Brochure
CT101 CREPES–Thinking™ Enables participants to develop deeper insights, ask better questions, get better answers, make better decisions and improve productivity. You will learn how to develop and align strategy with business components to make your organization and service delivery more Consistent, Responsive, Efficient, Profitable, Effective, and Sustainable (CREPES™) Download brochure
BPMF201 Business Process & Analytics Foundation Provides a comprehensive overview of the principles, techniques, concepts, and the values of business process management (BPM) and analytics. You will learn the BPM components, process charter, BPM governance, controls, measures, metrics & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Download brochure
BPMTM301 Business Process Tools & Performance Analytics Teaches participants how to discover, document, map, analyze, design, evaluate business processes and do performance analytics using the state of the art BPM software and technology Download brochure
BPMAT401 Business Process Techniques & Methodology Provides insights and practical application of the business process management life cycles. You will learn the strategy, process assessment, process design, process implementation, and process performance evaluation Download brochure
BPMCSCM501 BPM Consulting Skills & Change Management Teaches participants how to develop business cases for process improvement, obtain leadership buy-in, presentation skills, stakeholder management, BPM project management and delivery techniques, clients' relationships management. You will also learn how to initiate, lead and manage change in your organization. Download brochure