We enable transformation of business processes and performance analytics in Africa to improve Consistency, Responsiveness, Efficiency, Profitability, Effectiveness, and Sustainability (CREPES™)

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African economies lose billions of dollars annually due to unnecessary inefficiencies. The African Process & Performance Institute (APPI) enables stakeholders to change this trajectory by realigning their strategic approach and operational methods. To that end, APPI works with governments, small-medium-enterprises (SMEs), NGOs, civil society, and entrepreneurs to discover, document, and analyze business processes to improve productivity, performance analytics, and quality of lives. We apply APPI's defined CREPES–Thinking™ approach to inspire individuals at all levels of an organization to ask better questions, seek root causes and make better decisions.


Our Story

APPI was inspired by experiencing common challenges across 20 African countries during a complex, multinational transformation project. These challenges overwhelmingly were rooted in the lack of standardization and processes, which resulted in several operational inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

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